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what the fuck is ultraman jack about


kamen rider gaim, the musical! featuring smash hits such as:

  • it’s not fratricide if he started it
  • put those missiles back or so help me
  • we only know one dance routine so bear with us as we pretend it’s not the same one again and again
  • this fruit is magical (and not the good sort)
  • ryouma, ryouma, ryouma
  • i just need somebody (to do whatever i want them to do)
  • what’s love got to do with abducting you right now

and so many more!



These last 2 are all small pictures cropped from pattern pages.


kaito and kouta playing the most intense, the most serious ever, game of go fish.

they’re down to a last few cards. kouta is in the lead. peco is standing behind kouta, trying to give signals to kaito over which cards he has. kaito ignores them, the strong do not need help from cheaters because he is STRONG enough and POWERFUL enough to win this on his own

got any twos, kaito?

only the weak would have twos, kazuraba. go fish.

kouta draws the two. he sets down his final pair.  the game is over, kaito has lost. his strength has failed him, he leans back in his chair and looks out the window.  today was not his victory, but it was just a minor battle. the real war was still at hand.


seriously everyone has these dark and dreary kamen rider gaim AUs and headcanons and then there are mine

1. mitsuzane gets turned into a kiwi and everyone but takatora notices

2. kouta once taped his eyelids to his forehead trying to stay up waiting for santa and ended up ripping off his eyebrows when he fell asleep

3. ryouma shaved off one of takatora’s eyebrows in college. takatora responded in a way that ryouma won’t ever talk about

4. zack and peco trade names for a week and confuse kaito, who to this point had been calling them “minion 1 and 2”

5. rat got his (nick)name because he had a really gnarly rat tail and yuuya had to convince him to cut it off because PLEASE RAT THIS IS NOT THE 90s

6. takatora used to sock skate in his office until he ran into the window and was forced to explain to someone why he needed new glass in there and why the outline was of his face

7. kaito is a huge fan of les mis and was saddened that the zawame theater didn’t have it so he protested by changing baron’s colors from ALL BLACK STRENGTH AND POWER to red and black

8. chucky, oddly enough, is not a fan of horror movies so when asked about child’s play she has no idea what you’re saying

We may need to RP that, just sayin’

GIRL I AM ALL /OVER/ rping takatora trying to take about pride with his brother, the kiwi.

who is so unhappy because takatora put him in a sweater that only has a head hole so he can’t walk or move around so he just kinda rolls on the desk and shrieks.

one times takatora bought him a tube to crawl though but micchiwi was too chubby and got stuck and takatora had to shove him out but his arm got stuck too so someone walked in to see takatora with his arm in a plastic pipe and kiwi butt sticking out the other end

yeaaaah those are my kind of gaim headcanons


Infinity by CapturingTheNight


Infinity by CapturingTheNight

Even Micchy?

only when he’s a kiwi

there’s nothing cuter than a sulking micchiwi trying to escape from his blob sweater while takatora explains to him about the pride of the kureshima family

mysuperrider asked : In your Super Hero Taisen review you mention that their is a book about the creation of Hibiki, can you tell us what's it called and about it? Please.


The book is called “The Kamen Rider Hibiki Situation” by Tsutomu Kataoka, a freelance writer and editor who was purportedly present at Toei when Hibiki was first conceived. It basically goes into the creative process of how the show as we now know it came out.

The common misconception is that Hibiki wasn’t going to be a Rider series until a last-minute change, which would have been difficult to even manage (Gaimu won’t be out for a while yet, but they still registered the trademark months in advance. In 2004/2005, I don’t remember anyone actually paying attention to that kind of thing.)

What the book details is that while Blade was still airing, the idea of putting the Rider series on a hiatus was considered- it had been seeing diminishing returns in ratings from 2000 to 2004, so it was thought that giving it a temporary break and reviving another franchise was the way to go. Ishinomori’s Henshin Ninja Arashi was considered the prime candidate, as it was a favorite series amongst the staff.

How exactly that show would have turned out is only guessed at, since a lot of the earliest stuff was little more than ideas bounced around. While the finished product does contain numerous nods to Arashi, there’s nothing confirming any of them date back to the beginning (i.e. the Oni’s Armor costume wasn’t some leftover that sat around collecting dust until later in the series or anything like that.) There was a point where it wasn’t even going to be an Arashi sequel/spin-off anymore, but something entirely original, though superficially similar to Hibiki (elements that were around almost from the very beginning include more of a “Japanese-style” and the emphasis on sound and music.)

Bandai however wanted to keep Rider going- the toy sales were good and Ryuki did especially well, so the idea of doing another mass-amount-of-Riders show was appealing. It was safer to take a gamble on an established, successful series than to try something totally new or untested for years (this is why I think what they’re doing now with Ishinomori characters in Rider is the best way to go about things. It’s a lot more realistic to think they might attempt a proper Inazuman revival show some day after featuring both the original and a new version as side characters in recent films.)

So given that Bandai has a lot more say in creative decisions for Rider and Sentai than they used to, it was decided that Kamen Rider would continue.

From that point on is where the Hibiki we know now really came about, and that’s why I think it’s important to distinguish between the show that would have followed Blade (which originally wasn’t a Rider) and Hibiki itself, which was developed with the intention of being part of the Kamen Rider series (Hosokawa signed on to play a Kamen Rider, after all.) Producer Takatera still wanted it to be a very different kind of show though- he liked Amazon and wanted Hibiki to be the Heisei era’s equivalent, a complete “reinvention”. This is where the sometimes-seen “Ongeki Rider” moniker comes from- it was going to be used as a descriptor for the Riders, the same way Amazon has “Amazon Rider”. Although ultimately, the show just uses “Oni” while the websites would sometimes call them “Ongeki Senshi” or Sound Attack Warriors.

It’s an unauthorized work, but I’ve never heard anything about it being dismissed as false by any of the original writers or producer (who are quoted throughout.) I’m inclined to trust Katoka’s word- the book never comes across as someone with a score to settle against those who had the gall to reject his ideas, but a fairly impartial observer just relating how what starts as a bunch of people sitting in a room talking eventually turns into the show about one boy’s journey alongside people who fight giant enemy crabs with music.

It’s something I would like to try translating passages from if I can get another copy (mine’s back in the US and being an unlicensed book, it’s harder to come by for cheap.)