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there’s gonna be an ossan in drive

i’m pleased already

Tsukasa to create the toku version of TMZ.

none of his photos are taken really good or flattering in the slightest so most of the time people think it’s tabloids

TSUKASA AND SHINJI TEAM UP AND RELEASE THEIR OWN MAGAZINE THING and more often than not both of them end up running away as they’re chased down the street by someone or another over something they’ve done


i forgot to mention that takumi goes on to become a hair model. his hair is fabulous, that mane is amazing and is well groomed

HIBIKI JUST KEEPS ON BEING THE BEST OSSAN IN THE WORLD and everyone loves him god i love hibiki i’m gonna cry in a corner now

tendo is a douchebag??? he continues being a douchebag who doesn’t have a job? like did he ever even get a job?? other than killing worms? tendo becomes a worm killer

take that worms DIE die die

shouichi got his restaurant okay and tsukasa takes photos for a living but they’re all for like….gossip mags. tsukasa becomes the toku version of the paparazzi and just takes all kinds of photos


i like to imagine characters in a world if they’d never become riders

kouta still working every day at the curry place. occasionally he passes the booth where kaito and his group dance and he thinks kaito’s a tool but he respects that he’s fighting the power (?) by dancing because uh that makes sense i guess. kaito sometimes asks for curry deliveries and acts all huffy when kouta delivers them but he makes sure to tip him like 25% because the strong tip well or something. peco and zack have last names in this world too because THEY’RE NOT CHER. takatora and mitsuzane wear a “this is our get along shirt” often and ryouma has a hair cut. hase and jounouchi are pals and form a manzai comedy group and are known as the “nutcrackers” and are pretty funny. oren rules the world…. ( meanwhile mai becomes a first rate dancer and goes to broadway or something and minato beats ryouma up and becomes the new CEO )

shinji working at ore journal and living in the boiler room with shimada’s lizard. they’re best buddies, shinji teaches the lizard how to play poker and somehow always loses. editor-in-chief and reiko just…ignore him.  yui runs the coffee shop with her aunt, or goes traveling around the world with her aunt and has lots of fun and takes photos. ren and eri are on a honeymoon trip to osaka where she gets ren to smile and not have his face break. tezuka becomes a TV psychic and is loved around the nation. asakura runs a reptile house full of snakes with his partner, ginger. kitaoka and gorou get married and fight off the mafia. kitaoka makes gorou burn all his old clothes and buys him a nice wardrobe

eiji becomes an underwear model after a police officer bails him out and the officer’s younger sister thinks he’d be awesome for her line of clothing. eiji’s face is known around the world, along with uh…his butt. and stuff. there’s no ankh and stuff i guess but that’s okay? date is an awesome doctor in africa who helps cure diseases and protects people and gotou meets him through a case where they’re trying to find who spread a disease and they become besties okay

shoutaro still isn’t allowed to wear a fedora but he wants to. he ditches the douche shorts in favor of nice pants though and hangs out often with akiko and her boyfriend/husband/guy she really likes and lets him know all the time terui. philip is a childhood friend of akiko’s and shoutaro thinks he’s a dweeb

ryoutaro goes back to school? wataru becomes an accomplished violinist….godai and ichijou become buddies idk

haruto is a champion soccer player, kousuke discovers a lost city. gentaro befriends the entire world and goes on to become the first president of earth


i still think a kamen rider universe where you replace random characters with kiwi birds is the best way to improve any show. there isn’t a single show that cannot be made better by adding kiwis.

mitsuzane as a kiwi. takatora puts him in an ugly sweater and leaves him on the desk in his office. mitsuzane kiwi shreds all the papers on his desk and cackles as he tried to hide under a chair or something. hoards lockseeds. gets beaten up by cats

shiro becomes a kiwi and spends his time running into mirrors. yui carries him around in a bag and when people tell her she’s not allowed to have pets in a building she tells them the kiwi is her brother. shinji and ren get pecked often

fueki turned into a kiwi and gets stuck in a tube and kousuke rolls the tube off into the distance. haruto eats a donut and throws donut scraps at fuekiwi. revenge will be had


what if all the guys in ryuki carried around personal hand mirrors so they could transform anywhere at any time

kitaoka’s isn’t a hand mirror though he probably has gorou walk behind him carrying like a full length mirror or something. gorou has a wide assortment of mirrors to lend to sensei dozens of mirrors and all of them are leopard print because ~style~

and asakura’s mirror is cracked because he punched it or something but it’s purple and he stole it off a kid or maybe a kid gave it to him because he was looking kinda janky and they wanted him to know it

and tezuka keeps seeing flashes of the future in the mirror when he looks in it so he sort of avoids it except for when shinji is being annoying and he needs a break

shinji keeps losing his mirror so eventually yui gets him one with a cord on it and ties it to his wrist so he’ll stop losing it (she writes his name in hiragana on it too because lord knows the boy probably would forget it somewhere)


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The first actor confirmed to star in Kamen Rider Drive has been revealed! Lou Oshiba, 60-years-old, revealed in a blog post that he was on his way to Toei Oizumi studio for a costume fitting for the next Kamen Rider series.




「ウルトラマンフェスティバル」開幕! 今年は光の国が丸ごと池袋にやってきた

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